B-Side Spotlight: June 2021 (MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, MONSTA X, EXO, Ravi, N.Flying, Brave Girls, A.C.E , LOONA)

What’s that? There’s b-sides down at the old AsianJunkie house?? We better run!

Monsta X – “Heaven”

Time was, Monsta X were my favourite boys. Do I miss their more aggressive sound? Yes. Do I also like this? Yes. Stan Monsta X.

B.I – “Gray”

God I am so pleased that he’s back; he’s so talented.

Mamamoo – “A Memory For Life”

What can I say about Mamamoo that I haven’t said already? Myself and everyone else know their vocals are top tier,  and they’re always impressive.

Ravi ft. Xydo – “Freezing Point”

Ravi has put out solo work that I actually enjoy, again! Truly amazing! Yes he has been helped by smooth boy Xydo, but the flow on this is actually really nice – a lot of the time he’s just a little…off, somehow, but this whole mini is actually really solid.

GHOST9 – “Double Click”

A very fun, bouncy, summer-appropriate bop. Well done kids.

N.Flying – “Blue Scene”

Straightforward, passes the “can I bop to it?” test, reminds me of k-pop from about seven years ago for reasons I can’t quite explain.

EXO – “No Matter”

EXO really suit a good groove so well, I love this for them.

Ha Sungwoon (Wanna One/Hotshot) – “Bus”

A very sweet little song, with feather-light vocals from Ha Sungwoon – perfect for hot summer evenings.

Seventeen – “Heaven’s Cloud”

My fave from my faves’ most recent album, and obviously, biasedly my favourite song on this playlist. Seventeen are so good.

Yugyeom (Got7) ft. punchnello & Jay Park – “Love The Way”

Yugyeom fits this kind of vibe just SO well, and I love punchnello on this track so much (he never really disappoints me).

Brave Girls – “FEVER”

I say it every year, but nobody does summer like girl groups. 

A.C.E – “Atlantis” 

I have, admittedly, become a bit of an A.C.E fan in the past couple of months. This track has that good “dramatic boy group bop” flavour that I absolutely love.

2PM – “The Cafe”

A 2PM comeback?? In 2021?? What have we done to deserve such a blessing? Please stan these giant men if you don’t already.

Twice – “Scandal”

I actually just really love Twice, I have realised. Another top tier girl group summer bop.

Loona – “WOW”

I heard that a lot of people aren’t incredibly keen on Loona’s latest offerings, but I’m apparently just way too easy for Loona because I love all of it, especially this one. 

Drippin – “Wish”

I still think “drippin” is an absolutely terrible name for a group, but I have to admit that I enjoy this track and think it’s pretty cute and fun.


…and that’s it! As always, let me know about any b-sides you enjoyed, and happy listening.

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