Seungri supporters have reached the ‘my poor meow meow’ phase and everything is terrible

Seungri was convicted on nine charges and sentenced to three years in prison recently, and given that the ordeal started in 2019 it seems many fans eventually became all in for Seungri no matter what happened.

While there was a lot of wailing online, perhaps a long, rambling letter to Seungri from his DC gallery currently expresses exactly how far into the deep end a lot of those who still support him are. It’s basically a ‘my poor meow meow’ tweet but for a literal criminal and in essay form.

To our eternal ‘Seung-tsby’ Seungri, ‘I have decided to give you a chance. When I watched you for two weeks, I believed that you went through a small change, and I thought that maybe your small change would give you not just two weeks, but two more years. I thought that maybe if you had more time, a bigger change could happen. I gave you another chance and with that said, I hope that you will repay me for that.’ This is what YG Entertainment’s former CEO Yang Hyun Suk said to BIGBANG’s former member Seungri in the ‘Real Documentary BIGBANG.’ Fans can still vaguely remember Seungri’s desperate heart to make his debut dream a reality. At the time, YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk selected Seungri as the final member and with it, the legacy of BIGBANG began. Even from the beginning of his debut, Seungri would appear on variety programs with his fellow member hyungs with the image of an ‘immature maknae‘ and a ‘troublemaker.’ At times, he became a ‘painful finger’ (Korean idiom used when referring to someone/something that requires extra attention) to all of his fans. Nevertheless, Seungri was able to receive endless love from his fans because of the passion and liveliness he relayed while he was on stage or on his television appearances. Fans could feel his passion and believe that BIGBANG elevated K-Pop’s status because of Seungri’s key role. Two years ago, however, difficulty began due to Seungri’s involvement in the numerous different incidents. Fans also began to walk a thorny path during this time. On the afternoon of the 12th, the Gyeonggi-do Military Court held a trial regarding Seungri’s case and sentenced him to 3 years in prison, as well as a fine of ₩11 hundred million KRW ($945,074 USD). He was also ordered to register personal information. Seungri will face another ordeal of anguish as he now goes to a remote place where he will be completely cut off from the world. The reality of having to look at the depressing backside of a star that once shone brightly is heartbreaking for the fans. However, this is an opportunity for one to reflect on their faults, so we will also humbly accept the judgement that the court laid down. In addition to that, fans would like to deeply remember the 4 word idiom ‘Sa Pil Gwi Jeong’ in our hearts. It means that ‘even if something goes wrong in the beginning, everything will eventually return to the right state.’ While Seungri dreamed of a life like ‘The Great Gatsby,’ he was met with a tragic situation like the fate of ‘Gatsby.’ However, fans believe that there will come a day when Seungri will be able to stand tall again. We sincerely and desperately hope that Seungri will not give up until the very end. August 12, 2021 Seungri’s DC Gallery

Then again, there’s still fans who are militant about things like his innocence.

These are just two I found clicking on his trending name twice to block as many of them as possible. There’s scores of tweets in either of the category and it is, quite frankly, disturbing. I dunno, I just had to post about how ridiculous I find all of this and the level of support still out there for him.


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