WJSN’s Luda had to wait 5 years to address dating rumors over … chopsticks

WJSN member Luda recently addressed dating rumors from five years ago on a V Live broadcast. As nuts as it sounds, the rumor was netizens reading into her talking about her ideal type as a certain kind of chopsticks user.

On August 18, Luda held a V Live broadcast titled “Ujung [WJSN’s official fanclub] who want to have delicious lunch together.” The topic of chopsticks came up and Luda commented, “I’m in my sixth year now [of my career] so I have to say what must be said,” referring to an infamous rumor among her fans. Five years ago, a fan asked Luda her ideal type at a fan signing. She wrote down, “left-handed, good at chopsticks, well-mannered, and someone I can learn a lot from.” Following that, dating rumors began to spread about her and her labelmate MONSTA X‘s I.M.

Luda then gave a detailed explanation behind her comments, which to the rational people must’ve sounded over the top, but it’s understandable since the kind of fan the pries enough to care about a chopsticks comment will inevitably overanalyze this as well.

Luda started to explain, “I wasn’t very good at chopsticks. Aren’t there times when adults disapprove of being unable to do chopsticks? Since I’m a case where I had to try hard to do well, I said that my ideal type was someone who is good at chopsticks. However, a huge misunderstanding arose. I’ve never once said anywhere that it was someone who was good at chopsticks with their left hand. I’ve really wanted to say this for awhile.” Regarding the left-handed aspect, she continued, “When I was younger, there was a saying that left-handed people were smart. That’s why I said that. To be honest, they asked my ideal type so I said someone with good manners but they asked if there wasn’t something more special. I only said that after racking my brain for an answer. I was trying to say something special but instead created a bigger misunderstanding.” Luda added, “All kinds of things arise throughout life. All celebrities have rumors. People ask how I’ve kept it in this whole time but how can you live life only saying all the things you want to say? I hoped that my fans would understand how I felt.” Lastly, Luda commented, “It feels like my old indigestion is now gone. I really wanted to share this. In the future, I’m really going to scold you if you talk about things I haven’t even said, like ‘left-handed chopsticks.’ I finally got to say what I needed to say.”

The reason I covered this is because I found it ridiculous how this has clearly been bothering her for years now and only because she’s now a senior she can finally get it off her chest. It sucks, honestly. I get the company position that saying nothing minimizes the potential fallout (as we’ve been finding out in other cases recently), and it even worked in this case because I had no recollection of these rumors, but it sucks that the artists are not allowed to speak out in their own defense. And I don’t mean popping off like an idiot on Instagram or whatever, but even in a formal statement just explaining things.


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