Yujeong leaves LABOUM after contract expires, group reunites as 4 with Interpark & says comeback is planned soon

Following the expiration of her contract with the company, LABOUM’s leader Yujeong announced that she would not be resigning and would be leaving the group, leaving a lengthy message on Instagram to fans.

Perhaps very surprisingly, she mentioned that the rest of the members (Solbin, ZN, Soyeon, Haein) would be resigning, and according to a recent report they all moved to Interpark Music Plus. Additionally, it’s said that they are working on making a comeback soon.

It’s admittedly bittersweet because LABOUM loses another member, but on the other hand, it does appear they are going to soldier on as a quartet and the fact that a comeback is in the works at least provides hope that they’ll be active going forward.

Pretty surprising that these four in particular choose to sign, especially with Solbin acting now, but perhaps it’s one more shot at it after “Journey To Atlantis” saw a solid resurgence.


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