SONAMOO’s Euijin, NewSun, Minjae reportedly terminate TSE contracts, taking the group down to 2 members

SONAMOO have not had a real comeback since 2017, and TS Entertainment has never showed any signs of doing anything with the group, in fact not delivering on a Makestar fundraiser to the point where Makestar themselves had to step in. Not long after that, Nahyun and Sumin filed to terminate their contracts and then won that lawsuit around a year later.

Needless to say, things were bleak already, but with reports that Euijin, NewSun, and Minjae have also terminated their contracts, it seems like the nail in the coffin.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, the three SONAMOO members recently decided to end their time with TS Entertainment early. Their contracts were set to expire at the end of 2021, but after a series of discussions with the agency, the two sides agreed to terminate their contracts early, allowing them to seek new opportunities. After leaving TS Entertainment, each member is expected to move on with their 2nd chapter of their careers with new agencies. While the agency has yet to formally announce it, SONAMOO has virtually all but disbanded, as this would now mean five out of seven members of the group have left the agency.

TSE have not addressed this yet, but I’m sure they’ll fight it or something since really the only thing they’ve done for years now is involve themselves in lawsuits. In effect it hardly matters, as they realistically were never making a comeback anyway and TSE just wants to be petty, but I’m hoping the news is true just so the members can get out of the contracts sooner and move on.


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