WEi and “Starry Night” inspire poetry

At this point, most of my Universe reviews are bleeding into each other. I start by complaining how fans have to download this cumbersome app to view the full music videos, and go on to write about how the music itself feels extraneous to an artist’s discography.

So, shall we shake up the format a bit? Maybe it’s time for a poem:

This group called WEi haven’t yet made their mark,
I keep waiting for one of their songs to spark,
Now they’ve signed up for this Universe lark,
Oh, WEi.

Starry Night is produced by a guy called “dress”
Who’s written enough idol tracks to impress
Luckily, this one isn’t a mess,
Oh, dress.

The song is kind of a bop when it sticks to its groove,
The plucked percussion really makes me move,
But that lame chorus? I don’t quite approve,


What’s that cool distortion that sounds like a cyclone?
Just as the song reaches its end zone?
Might my mind be totally blown?

This last-minute switch-up makes me clap
Starry Night really wants to slap!
I wonder if the video fills in the gap?

Oh, right. I have to download that damn app.

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