Woman being investigated after breaking into Starship and making ‘physical contact’ with CRAVITY member

The police recently stated they are investigating a woman who broke into Starship Entertainment and made “physical contact” with a member of the boy group CRAVITY.

Starship released a statement detailing the incident and their plans to take legal action.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. Today, there was an unpleasant incident in which an unidentified person trespassed into our agency building and came into physical contact with one of our agency artists. This person entered without permission through a door that had been protected with fingerprint recognition and locked. She approached one of the CRAVITY members, who were waiting in the agency for a scheduled event, and made physical contact with him. The manager who was accompanying the members immediately called the police. The police officer who arrived told the trespasser to leave the premises and accompany the officer to the station, but the trespasser did not comply and raised a disturbance in front of the agency building. We have given the police the CCTV footage both inside and outside the building. We also reported the trespasser’s behavior, which included unauthorized intrusion and forcing unwanted physical contact on our artist, and the police are currently investigating. We strongly reiterate that it is absolutely forbidden to enter our agency building or the artists’ dorms. In cases like these, we will pursue strict punishment without lenience. The agency will do its best to protect its artists and ensure that an incident like this does not occur again. We ask that everyone actively cooperate in order to have safe meetings between artists and their fans. Thank you.

Hopefully the contact was just tapping him on the shoulder or something, especially given the ages of the group.

Regardless, this kind of stuff is obviously always a concern because of the potential for disaster security lapses could cause. Feel like it’s been a while since the last disturbing in-person fan situation (probably due to COVID), and man I have not missed it.


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