Songs You May Have Missed: July 2021 (DPR Live, Kyuhyun, HA:TFELT, Minzy, Jinyoung)

Hello everyone – it’s me, your local playlist monarch, back from their unscheduled hiatus. Did I mean t0 disappear for three months? No, absolutely not. Was I listening to new releases? Sort of. Life continually happens, and I missed you all. But without further excuses, let’s go!

AleXa – “Obsession”

AleXa serves bop after bop after bop.

DONGKIZ – “Crazy Night”

The “SKRRRRRT!” in the intro makes me laugh, but this is a fun little track.

DPR Live – “Yellow Cab”

One of my favourite songs from the past few months, to the point where even my partner is sick of hearing it.

Kyuhyun – “Together”

Kyuhyun was my first k-pop fave (I know I say it every time, but it’s because it’s true), and his voice remains gorgeous.

Yebin (DIA) – “Yes I Know”

MBK have kept Yebin and her sugary sweet voice hidden for too long.

GIRLKIND – “Good Vibes Only” 

Speaking of under-utlilised ladies in the k-pop scene…

Minzy – “TEAMO”

I’m not the only one who didn’t realise this was meant to be “te amo”, right? Please say it’s not just me.

The Boyz – “Drink It”

Getting slight VIXX notes off this one, which is in no way a bad thing.

Ha:tfelt ft. Keem Hyoeun – “Summertime”

Ha:tfelt is one of those artists whose music I always enjoy, but somehow just forget about between releases? I think my playlists need re-organising.

Peakboy – “Gyopo Hairstyle”

…and the award for Highest Concentration of Best Boys in a Single MV goes to Peakboy!

Colde ft. Baekhyun – “When Dawn Comes Again”

Colde and Baekhyun together is a match made in heaven.

Hyo ft. Bibi – “Second”

Bibi getting more and more work over the last few months is (pun intended) music to my ears, and this is a super cool feature for her.

Solar ft. Moonbyul – “Promise U”

It’s nothing groundbreaking, but can I really complain about a half-Mamamoo collab? Not at all.

Jinyoung – “Dive”

Jinyoung has always been my favourite vocalist when it comes to GOT7, so I’m 100% behind his solo career.

…and that’s it! This is normally where I would say to let me know about any other songs you liked during the month of July, but this time around it might be a little late for that! As always, happy listening.

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