B-Side Spotlight: July 2021 (Jongup, Kingdom, BM, SF9, Soyeon, DPR Live, Dreamcatcher)

I have to admit that it does feel a bit weird to be discussing summer b-sides when autumn has definitely started, but sometimes you have to take a break (even if it was 100% unplanned). These are some of my favourite b-sides from back in July, and I hope you like them too. Let’s go!


Jongup ft. Moon Sujin – “Find”

Anyone who reads these frequently knows I like that S M O O T H sound, and this track absolutely delivers.

Kingdom – “Warning”

This track also happens to be my favourite off this mini, so it wins double prizes.

BM – “Body Movin”

I like this song enough (it’s a bop!!) to ignore my disappointment that it wasn’t some kind of  k-pop/Beastie Boys/Fatboy Slim crossover.

SF9 – “Fanatic”

I can think of exactly two instances where SF9 released something I didn’t like, and this isn;t one of them <3

DAY6 (Even of Day) – “From the ending of a tragedy”

It’s a little too Coldplay-tinged for my liking, but it’s still cute.

Jeon Soyeon – “Weather”

This one is tied with “Is this bad b**** number?” for my favourite off Soyeon’s first solo, but either way she’s cemented in my heart as a versatile talent.

DPR Live – “Summer Tights”

I am extremely easy for everything DPR releases, I guess. 

D.O ft. Wonstein – “I’m Gonna Love You”

I truly think D.O has one of the most gorgeous voices I’ve ever heard, and that’s not me being dramatic.

AKMU ft. Beenzino – “Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc” 

Dreamcatcher – “Alldaylong”

DC, my girls, the queens of my heart – you never disappoint me.

…and that’s it! Let me know any about any other b-sides you enjoyed in July (if you can remember back that far!), and happy listening!

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