Songs You May Have Missed: August 2021 (CL, Ha Sungwoon, Davichi, Kinda Blue & Hwasa, BDC, BZ Boys)

Editor’s Note: Was gonna use a proper CL photo, but I found the Taco Bell ad shitchop and had to use it.

Playlist, playlist, playlist, playlist – it’s time for another playlist. This time, it’s songs you may have missed during the month of August. Late is better than never, right? Let’s go!


Kinda Blue & Hwasa – “I can’t make you love me”

Hwasa’s voice is really suited to this kind of melancholy, and Kinda Blue is someone I will definitely be on the lookout for more from.

Skyle – “ Da Da Da”

So this song was released in August, but the MV only materialised at the beginning of this month…which seems a little odd. But then again, these girls are new – they were previously known as Good Luck Girls. If anyone is curious!

Kang Insoo – “Love Yourself”

Something a little bit more chill is always more welcome, especially since at the time this song actually came out it was the height of summer. Feels like a perfect long for a lazy summer day.

BDC – “Moon Walker”

Favourite BDC song to date – more bops for them please!

777 (Triple Seven) – “Presente”

New co-ed rookies! We love to see it. This song does sound a bit like it should have been released in 2017, but my policy with brand new groups is that I always give them a free pass within the first year.

BZ Boys – “Close Your Eyes”

I always, always love an overdramatic boy group song.

Maka Maka – “Polaroid”

I get some nice house vibes off this one, and I really hope these girls can get some more attention soon – they debuted a year ago and I can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard much about them.

Ha Sungwoon ft. Punch – “Johnny”

This song is very sweet and cosy; a nice little pick me up on a dreary day. 

Pentagon (Yuto, Kino, Wooseok) – “Cerberus”

I, like a lot of people, was very into Hades game at the beginning of the year – so do I like this song a little bit more just due to the title? Yes. You can’t shame me.

Davichi – “Looking at Photos”

Queens of vocals as always – how dare they make me like ballads, I say for the thousandth time.

Jenyer ft. Heo Gayoon – “SOOP”

Good SOOP.

Doyoung & Haechan (NCT) – “Maniac”

Haechan is my favourite NCT member, and Doyoung is the member whose voice goes the best with his – how can I complain about a bop like this featuring two very talented vocalists? I can’t.

CL – “Spicy”

I just wanted an excuse to talk about CL…

Pentatonix & Ateez – “A Little Space”

It’s a lovely song, even if it’s a little too wholesome-Disney-vibes for me.

Everglow – “Promise”

Released for UNICEF’s Promise campaign, the only thing I wish is that this song leaned a little more into going hard instead of approaching it and not quite going for it.

N.Cus – “Get Out”

Very nice, this hits all of my good boy group track notes (which are separate from my overdramatic boy group bop notes, just fyi).

…and that’s it! As always, be sure to let me know any other songs you liked during the month of August (even if it’s a little bit late now!) – and happy listening.

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