[Review] CHOSNG delights on the uplifting standout “See You There”

CHOSNG is a relatively new Korean indie artist, having debuted recently in September of 2020, and a few months ago she released “See You There“.

“See You There” is a song for those who might feel the shadows creeping in with the loneliness and are longing for those nights of gatherings with friends. It delivers a message with a hopeful verve to it and highlights the promise of tomorrow and the future that’s arriving soon. It’s essentially a pandemic song, but one with a wider application. Most importantly, it avoided the main pitfall of almost all pandemic songs … because it’s good.

“See You There” starts slow and simple with guitar strums and a soft beat as foundational elements, seemingly settling into another pleasant but safe and slow coffee house track, but it quickly begins to build tension and the pre-chorus makes it clear there’s greater ambitions. As soon as the chorus kicks in the song becomes a blast, as it adds tempo, funk, and synth elements that makes an absolute foot-tapping, head-nodding melody that’s hard not to smile along with. It almost feels like something Primary would’ve produced at his best, and that was such a pleasant surprise.

While CHOSNG hasn’t yet gained much notoriety, if “See You There” is any indication then she deserves to be well on her way, as her own light yet distinctive vocal helps to carry the song through its calmer moments and contributes greatly to the track’s authentic and uplifting vibe. The song is like its own little endorphin hit, and it immediately makes you want to replay it for more.

Honestly, it made me kinda sad to hear something like “See You There” and then see the amount of views it has (less than 5,000), as I just thought about was how different it might be if it was released by somebody with notoriety. Like if this was an AKMU or BOL4 or IU release it’s maybe a smash hit, but instead it’s relegated to something I was lucky enough to stumble upon. And I’m glad I did, because a hopeful and addictive acoustic pop jam hit the spot, especially one that’s so easy to fall for and groove along with. CHOSNG took a theme that has generated so many boring, safe releases and managed to use it to create one of my favorite releases of the year.


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Thot Leader™