[Review] The Boyz’s “Maverick” ends up like Goose

Whenever groups make a quick comeback (less than three months in The Boyz’ case), I want to assume it’s because they found an incredible track and simply can’t wait to share it with the world. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice? Honestly, The Boyz are in need of a killer comeback. Their sales and popularity may be stronger than ever, but their 2021 music has suffered a precarious drop in quality. A single titled “Maverick” is sure to turn things around, right?

Sadly, Maverick forgets its namesake. There’s nothing unique or independent-minded about it, unless being shouted at for three minutes somehow counts as “inventive.” Like so many recent boy group comebacks, this is less a song than a Kingdom stage. I’m not sure agencies are even considering how these tracks fare without the accompanying visuals and choreo. It’s all about how loud and tough the groups can be, and I hope I’m not the only one exhausted by this approach.

The Boyz have never been a powerhouse vocal group, but they do have vocalists. Neither Maverick nor past single “Thrill Ride” have given them much to do. This song isn’t much of a rap showcase either. Instead, most of the structure is driven by blustery sing talk that goes nowhere. The verses and pre-chorus are decent, if totally generic, but as soon as Maverick plunges into its shouty hell of a chorus, I’m out. The instrumental here is obnoxious and loud for loud’s sake, vomiting sirens and clanging percussion. It buries The Boyz’ individual appeal in K-pop mush, rendering them faceless. I guess I’ll have to keep clinging onto March’s brilliant “Prism — the single that never was and the kickoff for a fictional 2021 discography that could have been fresh and transformative.

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