LABOUM return with soft, fluffy, and kinda nondescript “Kiss Kiss”, but I’m glad it exists

I joined the chorus of many people who were shocked when LABOUM renewed their contracts and declared their intentions to continue on with four members. Despite a discography that could compete with any of their contemporaries, they hadn’t really found mainstream success (even after the Hangout With Yoo boost), yet they have ended up outlasting many bigger names in the industry.

Well, they’ve returned recently with “Kiss Kiss“, which was a surprisingly light and fluffy offering. It’s inoffensive, almost to the point of parody, a throwback to a more innocent era in K-pop, and quite frankly one of LABOUM’s weakest offerings. Still, it was fine, just not something I thought they would use to start their second wind.

But, nevertheless, I’m glad it exists and that they’ll be continuing on, hopefully providing the type of quality they have in the past going forward.

Speaking of those better releases:


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