Han Seo Hee’s meth toilet defense fails to convince judge, who she curses out after being handed an 18-month sentence

Back in September of 2020, it seemed like Han Seo Hee was going to avoid jail time despite violating probation, hilariously due to excuses like dropping her piss test in the most meth-filled toilet in history. However, as it turns out she will be seeing 18 months in prison for the violation of her probation due to her being deemed a flight risk.

According to News1, Judge Kim said, “Han Seo-hee denies the charges against the prosecution, claiming that the location and timing of her drug use was not specified. But after looking into it, there was no error in the prosecutor’s indictment.” “Han Seo-hee rejected the result of the urine test, claiming that she accidentally drop the paper cup into the toilet and her positive result was due to the toilet water. However, the probation office staff has confirmed that they did not hear any sound of the paper cup and that they had received the paper cup right on the spot.” She then continued that the amount of amphetamine and methamphetamine result in Han So-hee’s test was more than 300 nanograms, according to The National Institute of Scientific Investigation. It’s hard to believe that the water supply contains that much amphetamine to affect Han So-hee’s test result.” Judge Kim also ruled that Han Seo-hee’s claim that her test was mixed with other people was not accepted because she was the only woman at the time of her urine test.

Because she apparently wasn’t giving off enough Korean drama villain vibes, she then went ahead and cursed out the judge.

At the end of the trial, Judge Lee said, “We issue an arrest warrant on you for fear of escape. If you have anything you want to say, say it,” he said, providing Han with a chance to make her last remarks. Han Seo-hee suddenly began to overreact, putting her left hand on her waist. Han said, “I don’t think this is right. I’m not going to run away. I shouldn’t be arrested. Judge, what are you doing? Are you issuing an arrest warrant now? Did you say I didn’t attend the trial? There’s no reason for me to be sentenced to prison,” she protested. Judge Lee explained calmly, “It’s not (Because of your absence). Please go (to the waiting room of the arrested defendant).” While the judge continued, “If you disagree (with the judgment), you can…,” Han cut off his words and said, “What did you really say? Excuse me! What am I guilty of? There’s nothing specified, so what am I guilty of?” she said in a strong tone. The judge called the court staff to guide Han to the waiting room of the arrested defendant, but Han entered the waiting room herself. However, Han cursed, “F**k…,” which was heard by reporters sitting at the end of the court even though her voice was small. Han’s voice, who was making a fuss even in the waiting room of the arrested defendant, was so high that people in the court could hear her. Judge Lee did not take warning or legal action on Han Seo-hee, but in general, strong protests accompanied by abusive language may be punished as “court insult.” Despite Han Seo-hee’s denial of her absence at previous courts, in fact, a total of six dates have been designated since the first trial of the case, of which two were postponed due to Han’s absence.

Anybody who wasn’t rich or a public figure definitely would’ve been smacked with contempt for what she did as well.

Han Seo Hee was on probation after a marijuana conviction back in 2017 and was amusingly pretty close to being able to avoid the probation mattering at all, but she apparently couldn’t help herself. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that she’s in trouble for drug stuff is still lame as hell and it really shouldn’t be an issue, but I also don’t really care if she has to face consequences for her actions once in her life.


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