A Pink’s Chorong’s bullying accuser guilty of ‘making threats on false information’ after fabricating evidence

Back in April, bullying allegations emerged against A Pink’s Chorong and her company announced they would be taking legal action against the accuser. Since then not much has emerged, but recently it was revealed that her accuser has been found guilty on charges of making threats on false information and will be forwarded to the prosecution.

As a result of the the investigation, the informant was found guilty on charges of making threats on false information will be forwarded to the prosecution. Around early March 2021 along with the influx of of accusations regarding school violence that occurred around that time, the informant in question sent emails regarding the client’s personal life including false claims to several entertainment and social issue reporters. The informant then told the client about this while advising her to retire from the entertainment industry. In response, we represented the client in issuing a certificate requesting the informant to halt further actions. However, the informant did not stop making false reports. As a result, we filed a criminal complaint against the informant to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on April 1, 2021. Over the next seven months, the police investigated the case and strived to reveal as much of the truth as possible through various efforts, including interrogating the client, informant, witnesses, and acquaintances of both the client and informant. In the end, it has been decided that the informant utilized the heightened interest surrounding school violence to make threats to the client based on false information. The informant did so by fabricating evidence such as edited recordings or irrelevant photos and releasing them to the public. With this decision, the informant has been forwarded to the prosecution.

They do mention that an investigation into “an act of violence” was inconclusive and the company will continue to pursue that.

It has also been determined that it is difficult to confirm that the informant’s allegations regarding an act of violence during their high school years are true because testimonies of the client, informant, and acquaintances are all different. In regards to this, we will do our best to pursue an investigation that gets to the bottom of the case until the absolute truth is revealed.

This was a good case of the court uncovering something materially different from what was released to the public that should change any previous perception one had of this case. While there was never anything concrete about the transcript her accuser provided, and her company immediately said it was distorted, it would be hard for netizens to determine that on their own. But the court has the ability to do that, so it was more than just their legal opinion as they uncovered useful evidence for you to make up your own mind.

Obviously it’s now hard to give Chorong’s accuser any credibility, as the fabricated transcript was the main thing that seemed to make anybody believe in the allegations against her.

Here’s hoping A Pink can continue their revival with another comeback sooner than later.


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