Gong Yoo’s agency SOOP officially denies he went on a date with Taylor Swift, lmao

While Korean entertainment headlines have recently treaded towards ‘stuff that feels like a pitch bot’ territory, not much has beat actor Gong Yoo having his company Management SOOP issue an official statement denying that he was dating Taylor Swift.

A couple days ago rumors emerged that Gong Yoo was spotted having lunch with Taylor Swift.


Nothing that really implies dating, and she apparently is in a relationship anyway. However, rumors were rumors, I guess, and things got to the point where his company was addressing it.

Gong Yoo’s agency released a statement regarding a rumor of the artist going on a date with pop singer Taylor Swift in New York. Through MK Sports on Friday, Nov 26 they claim, ‘Gong Yoo has never been to New York recently’. 

I wasn’t certain anybody ever took it seriously, but just having an official response to this rumor is funny enough in itself.


Not that the truth should ever stop you from having fun shitposting about it.

People did inform me that she was dating already, but well, that doesn’t HAVE to be an issue, right?


Also, here’s a throwback from when a fake Gong Yoo Twitter account was confused about people calling him “daddy”.


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