IU performs a 2021 version of “My Dream Patissiere”, her 2010 anime OST that became a TikTok challenge

The anime Yumeiro Patissiere was popular in many places back around 2009-11 and Korea was no exception. Back then in 2010 IU was chosen to sing the Korean version of the theme song, called “My Dream Patissiere“.

So why bring this up now, right?

Well, in the middle of this year, the song became a dance challenge on Korean TikTok, and it led to a bit of a revival for the song.


So, of course IU recognized that, and to celebrate her YouTube channel reaching seven million subscribers, IU made a 2021 rendition of the song.

While one can believe that IU just did another cool thing in seeing a cute trend and participating, it’s funnier imagining her just wanting to one-up everybody like “let me show you bitches how it’s done”, and not only did the challenge but sprung for the band and sung the song as well.


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