Police make arrest of (ex-AOA) Mina’s suspected assailant, charge him with rape & assault

Back in September when she was a guest on Blessed Show, former AOA member Mina recalled her experience from over a decade ago when she was beaten with a beer bottle and raped, something she first opened up about back in March.

The Click Your Heart girl then remembers accompanying her friend to an isolated place against her will. Kwon Mina tells that a boy, who was senior to her, was at the empty house with his friends and he physically assaulted Kwon Mina before sexually harassing her. “The boys were all standing still, and I was beaten for hours with a beer bottle and with their fists. I was beaten repeatedly and raped,” she is quoted as saying by Kpopstarz.

The day after her appearance, the police said they would be launching an investigation, and today they announced that they have made an arrest of a man in his 20s for the rape and assault of Mina.

Police have arrested a man A in his 20s for sexually assaulting former AOA’s Mina. On the 1st, an official from Busan Police announced, “We recently sent a man A in his 20s to the prosecution on charges of r*pe and assault of Kwon Mina. A r*ped Mina who was a first year middle school student in Busan in 2007 and assaulted her with a beer bottle.” The official added, “The crime was committed in 2007, 14 years ago, but we conducted intensive investigations against those involved at the time to prove the crime.” Meanwhile, Mina filed a complaint with the police earlier this year and revealed on her IG that “she was r*ped in middle school after following a friend who told her they were meeting up with a boy,” adding, “It’s been 15 years and I almost gave up but I’m grateful to everyone that supported me.”

To say I’m shocked would be an understatement. Things rarely seem to get addressed when it’s a recent sexual assault/rape, much less something from 2007. However, I’m thrilled for Mina and I hope she can get some form of justice/closure from this.

Sometimes I get questions as to why I don’t cover every single aspect of Mina’s social media life like other sites are, but at this point it’s clear it would just be monetizing a person struggling with their mental health, whose issues stem from horrific incidents like this.


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