NO:ZE effortlessly ruins her brother’s work life on ‘Radio Star’

Dancer NO:ZE of Street Woman Fighter fame was a recent guest on Radio Star, where among other things she talked about her older brother.

He’s an officer worker, and when the show blew up his co-workeres joked to him that he had the same last name as NO:ZE. When he confirmed that he was actually her brother, they didn’t believe him until later when they realized he was being serious.

So anyway, on Radio Star, NO:ZE was asked whether her brother is as good looking as her, and she responded that he used to be when he was younger but then his looks took a turn for the worse with age.

Following the episode, NO:ZE revealed a text convo with her older brother, as it got him a new nickname around the workplace.

Older Brother: “Jihye-yah … why did you do that…
Older Brother: “People are calling me Noh-took-a-turn-for-the-worse now…”
NO:ZE: “Lol. Sorry, sorry~ Lol.”

Buddy, that nickname is never going away now. Condolences.


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