Rundown: ONF, ATEEZ, Xdinary Heroes, Ravi, MINO, Dreamcatcher

Especially nowadays, I don’t really have the time or inclination to do reviews on most songs that don’t illicit some kind of emotion or impetus to write. Most music falls into a category where it’s not great but not terrible (and not in the Anatoly Dyatlov way)*, and I’m surprised I just didn’t create this Rundown thing earlier instead of ignoring releases entirely. Basically every other site does it, so why not Asian Junkie?

*Note: Doesn’t always mean everything in this will fall in that designation, sometimes I’m just too fucking lazy/busy to write, honestly.

I’m also doing this because people always bug me regarding posting about releases because they want a place where they can discuss them honestly without feeling the risk of being doxed or whatever the fuck goes on in stan culture and fandoms nowadays, so here you fuckers go. See, it’s not for lazy content, it’s a gift from me to you.



ONF – “Goosebumps”

It mashes a whole shit-load of sounds that I enjoy up and doesn’t quite produce a result that attaches me to it. However, I could easily see people enjoying this a lot because the core elements are solid.

ATEEZ – “Turbulence”

An above-average song that kinda comes off as solid vocally and solid in rapping but nothing that really stands out.

Xdinary Heroes – “Happy Death Day”

I actually love what they’re doing in terms of grabbing your attention by doing something different, but while the general idea is solid, there’s no enjoyable melodic elements to grasp onto here. It’s trying to be punk without the punk and yet trying to be pop without the pop if that makes sense.

Ravi – “ANI”

God he really loves those fucking vocal effects. Unfortunately I hate it the absolute most.

MINO – “Tang!”


Siyeon & Dami – HyunA & DAWN’s “Ping Pong” Cover

Actually enjoyed this more than the original, but I didn’t think much of the original either. Most importantly then, it’s Siyeon and Dami content.


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