Company of upcoming group H1-KEY defends member Sitala following controversy over her parents’ (and her own) support of Thai military

Grandline Group is kicking off 2022 by debuting a new girl group called H1-KEY, but one of their recent member reveals has caused a lot of controversy. As the company announced a Thai member named Sitala, many protested against her inclusion due to her family being supporters of the Thai military, her own support for the military, and naming her father as a role model.

In response, GLG released a statement today saying that they will not be removing Sitala, trying to disconnect her from the actions of her parents, and saying she’s reflecting.

So basically, the card they’re trying to play is “don’t hold her responsible for the actions of her parents”, and for people unaware of the situation that seems like fair logic to use and does seem to be convincing some if comments on news sites are any indication.

Of course, the issue with this is she was knee-deep in mirroring her parents views as well. Thai netizens were quick to point this out. And they had receipts to say the least.

Note: 2014 Thai coup background

So yeah, aside from being damning as to her personal view of the situation, this exposes GLG as doing cover for her despite pretty obviously knowing better by now. The justification for that? Well, up for debate, I suppose.

Aside from the Thai netizens, the people I feel the worse in this on the entertainment side is her other group members as this is the last thing you want your group to be involved in prior to debut.


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