Songs You May Have Missed: October 2021 (B.I., Epik High, Jo Yuri, Sunmi, Secret Number, DKB, LIGHTSUM)

It’s that time again, and I’m late again! Does anyone else ever find themselves saying things will be easier when they calm down, except then things never ever calm down?? Anyway, let’s go!


B.I. x Bipolar Sunshine x Afgan – “Lost At Sea (illa illa 2)”

This song is gorgeous, and hits me right in my angry little heart.

WEi – “Starry Night”

As far as I’m concerned, WEi have put out nothing but bops since they started. You can @ me if you want but I stand by it.

Jo Yuri – “Express Moon”

I had a hard time picking between both songs on this single album – this one is really lovely, but “Glassy” definitely got stuck in my head just as badly. 

Paul Kim – “Gloomy Sunday”

All this track needs is its titular gloomy Sunday – maybe with a nice bout of rain – to be properly enjoyed.

Lightsum – “Popcorn”

An absolute bop; I added this track to my cleaning playlist for motivational purposes.

Epex – “Do 4 Me”

Yes this one went right into the boy group bops playlist; however, Epex is a very bad name for a group. 

Sunmi – “Go or Stop”

Every time this song starts my brain goes “oh no, I don’t like this”. Then, also every time, after about 30 seconds I get really into it.

Raiden ft. Taeil (NCT), lIlBOI – “Love Right Back”

Taeil godly vocals blessings to us all.

JustB – “Tick Tock”

I wasn’t super impressed by JustB’s debut, but they gave me an overdramatic boy group bop and now I have no choice but to stan.

Ailee – “For All Time”

This is an OST track, but I am grateful for Ailee’s gorgeous voice always, in any form.

Eunhyuk – “Red Muhly”

I mean, this is the kind of music Eunhyuk SHOULD be making…

Davichi – “First Loss”

Stop making me enjoy ballads, damn it!!

CherryB ft. Huta (Lee Minhyuk) – “Hello”

Oh no I love this so much???

Gummy – “Regret”

Am I imagining that Gummy disappeared for about five years? Or was she just hidden in OSTs?

bugAboo – “All Night Play”

Rookies alert! I really enjoyed both tracks on this debut single, and I’m looking to more from these girls.

Bol4 – “Butterfly Effect”

This is the kind of track that makes me feel sad and like I have to lie down – but like, in a good way, somehow??

Secret Number – “Dangerous In Love”

This is so good, and hits my targets for overdramatic girl group bop – a playlist which is sadly a lot less full than my one for boy groups.

DKB – “Rollercoaster”

DKB are my favourite rookies and I make no secret about that fact. I really love this sweeter mood for them, I have to say.

Epik High ft. Giriboy, Sik-k, JUSTTHIS – “Face ID”

And here we have another group I cannot be calm about – as I say every time I get to mention Epik High, my bio says I like them more than you and I mean it. This is everything I love about Epik High, and the features are top tier choices.


…and that’s it! Let me know any other under-the-radar tracks you enjoyed during October, and happy listening.

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