B-Side Spotlight: October 2021 (Aespa, Woodz, Youngjae, N.Flying, Pixy, ENHYPEN, CL, SEVENTEEN)

…well, better late than never? Ha. Let’s get into some of my favourite b-sides from October, shall we?


aespa – “Iconic”

This one was a pretty tough choice between the above track and “Lucid Dream”, which I also really enjoyed. This one just makes a bit more of an impression, and aespa are still in the early stages – so right now it feels more important.

Youngjae (GOT7) – “Tasty”

I love this vibe for him, it just feels right

Woodz – “Kiss of Fire”

Woodz continues his trend of dark, sultry pop gorgeousness and I continue to love every moment of it.

N.Flying – “Video Therapy”

I’ve never particularly paid attention to N.Flying before now, but this song is currently at the top of my “most played” list, and I also bought the album as soon as I was done listening to it. So yeah; it slaps.

Blitzers – “K-Pop”

What’s that? An overdramatic boy group bop?? Y’all know I love those.

Pixy – “Moonlight”

I adored this whole mini, and it’s a little difficult to work out which are the b-sides seeing as three of the tracks have MVs…but this one is my favourite so I’m sticking with it. Please listen to all of the mini, though!

Enhypen – “Upper Side Dreamin’”

I recently realised that this group isn’t called HyPHen, like I thought they were, and I actually feel sort of betrayed? Anyway, this song is a bop.

Tri.be – “Got Your Back”

You really just can’t go wrong with a cute girl group track. Yes I am incredibly easy to please.

Lee Jinhyuk – “Coffee on Sunday”

It’s that time again – time to play “can I bop to it?”. In this case, the answer is: yes, but make it slightly subdued.

Kingdom – “We Are”

Let’s immediately play another game of “can I bop to it?”. In THIS case, the answer is: yes, absolutely, it’s a perfect little serotonin hit.

Seventeen – “Crush”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Seventeen are my boys, and they rarely disappoint me. They’ve managed to kill it yet again. 

CL – “Chuck”

She’s so cool and I love what an absolute blast CL seems to be having at the moment. She deserves it and this track slaps.

Nam Woohyun – “Alone”

Vocal king Woohyun has kindly come to remind us all why we love him, and I love that for us.

CNBlue – “Hold Me Back”

This track was perfect for autumn, and I have been listening to it every time I get sick of winter already being here and being so fucking cold. 

Park Jihoon – “Want!”

Jihoon’s voice is so nice; I have no idea how he isn’t one of my super faves at this point.

Jeon Somi ft. Giriboy – “Don’t Let Me Go”

The playful melody, Somi’s vocals, and Giriboy featuring make this a top track for me – because I am, as I have already said, extremely easy to please.


…and that’s it! As always, let me know about any of your favourite b-sides from back in October, and happy listening.

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