Ivy singing a medley on ‘Hangout With Yoo’ is like opening a time capsule from 15 years ago

When I went back to watch Sunny Hill’s guest appearance on Hangout With Yoo, I was surprised to find out Ivy also showed up in the episode. Didn’t hear much about that as I suppose she’s completely irrelevant internationally now, but she was certainly relevant to those of us who remember the mid-00s.

During her appearance, she sung some of her notable songs like “Sonata Of Temptation“, “A-Ha“, “Foolish Girl“, and “If You’re Gonna Be Like This“.

I’m surprised they didn’t do “What Happened Tonight“, which I absolutely do not remember for any reasons other than musical. I promise.

Ivy has mainly been keeping herself busy in musical theater now, but her showing up on this show did get me thinking that she probably was born like a decade early.

Think international fans would enjoy her musical stylings and most of her scandals would probably fare better nowadays as well, as really the only thing she did wrong was allegedly cheat on Wheesung.

Prescient, honestly.


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