Eunbi & Juri have ‘PD48’ reunion for Epic Seven OST song, “I’ll Be Your Energy”

Imagine my surprise today when I opened Epic Seven to continue my degen gacha career and found that ex-IZ*ONE Eunbi and Rocket Punch‘s Juri were having a Produce 48 reunion in the form of an OST for the game.

I guess they’re both under Woollim Entertainment so it’s not that surprising, but it did seem to come out of nowhere. The song is called “I’ll Be Your Energy” and they released a recording and interview video for the collab.

If you’re a fan of either of them, you should remember to support Asian Junkie since the some of the profits are invested back into the game and thus they can pay for more collabs by them.

Now that said, I would not encourage you to play the game, or any gacha, yourself due to me not wanting you to be a degen like me. In order to dissuade you, here’s a look at what gacha does to your brain.


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