Rundown: ENHYPEN, WJSN CHOCOME, Max Changmin, YUKIKA, OnlyOneOf, MOMOLAND, MIRAE + others

Slowly but surely catching up on everything I’ve missed, but anyway here’s your Rundown to rant to.


KANGTA – “Slow Dance”

As advertised, a chill vocal-centric track that’s fine but fails to find a melody that connects for me.


MIRAE – “Marvelous”

Appreciated the bright atmosphere and the upbeat nature of it, but felt pretty generic in the end.



Didn’t quite sell me in the end despite the instrumental, but it’s worth listening to and I think some people who like heavier sounds could definitely love it.


EHHYPEN – “Blessed-Cursed”

Basically a vocal-centric idol trap song, at least in the sense that you basically get the gist of the entire thing after the initial beat loop and it goes nowhere interesting.


WJSN CHOCOME – “Super Yuppers!”

About as close to Orange Caramel as we’re ever going to get it seems, so I’ll support, but they have yet to find that one signature hook that draws me to Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop kind of songs. Hopefully they get more cracks at it.


Max Changmin (TVXQ) – “Maniac”

Probably my hottest take here, and I want to say I completely understand if you loved this, but it didn’t fully hit with me. I think that’s due to a lack of melodic hook that really makes me want to come back for more, as I came away from it feeling content just listening to it once. It really feels like a musical theatre audition or something, which I understand is not a negative for many.


YUKIKA & YourBeagle – “Moonset”

Always feel like I’m being gaslit when all my mutuals constantly praise YUKIKA‘s output. Seems like it’s just a me problem, but I feel like any positives are production based (good but not great) and the vocal style isn’t for me.


OnlyOneOf – “Skinz”

I loved the alt R&B stylings of “Libido” because at its core it was seductively rhythmic as hell. The central synth of “Skinz” is more grating than anything — and I’ve come around on industrial-related beats and don’t mind noise. Maybe a nice idea for the verses, but when it persisted into the chorus, I was out.


MOMOLAND – “Yummy Yummy Love”

This is not bad or anything, but my thoughts on the scatting is included within the word itself and the chorus isn’t good enough to compensate.


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