Somyi (ex-DIA) under fire for ‘selling herself’ now that it’s for her own pocket and not a company’s

About a week ago it was made official by PocketDol Studio/MBK Entertainment that Somyi was no longer under contract. Of course, they only announced this because it became a controversy when it was revealed that the former DIA member was working as a broadcast jockey (BJ).

Former idols teasing a bit on streaming services like AfreecaTV or even Twitch is not new, as the likes of Ellin (ex-Crayon Pop) and Minhee (ex-STELLAR) and Dahee (ex-GLAM) have made a ton doing this already. However, she’s doing so on Panda TV, which is more of an adult-oriented platform, so even though Somyi hasn’t yet done anything different than others, fans, media, and netizens are already mad at her about it.

One fan’s lament in particular went a bit viral and garnered widespread sympathy … for the fan.

“I had a f*cking realization and want to give up everything. I always worried for her anytime there were comments mentioning how ugly she was on V Live because I thought she would get hurt. But now, she smiles and takes money from guys who defend this average-physique, A-cup sized girl … the way she only wears revealing clothes, saying, ‘What are you saying? How do I do it? (in an accent)’ and laughs along with jokes about smoking.”

“For just ₩30,000 KRW (about $25.30 USD), she’ll do the ‘Zero Two’ dance, so why did I go to her showcase and fan sign events? ㅠㅜ F*ck … I’m going crazy thinking about the time and the money I wasted. The fact that I bought a female BJ’s photo card for ₩20,000 KRW (about $16.90 USD) … I can’t believe I, an innocent high schooler, carried around a photo card of a Panda TV (streaming broadcast) BJ in my wallet…”

“As someone who didn’t leave any comments on their official fan club for 5 years, is this too much to ask for? Unnie, go get a certification in computer science or at least prepare for it or something. I ask because I am really really embarrassed. Whether it’s level 4 or level 5, please go back to college. I am really regretting the fact that I followed around a female BJ for 7 years. It makes me not want to live.”

You know, other than the obvious, the fucked up part about this is the fan knows the shit Somyi got from people going after her looks and yet the fan does the exact same here probably just to dig the screws in. Fucked up.

Regardless, people were understanding of the fan’s feelings and criticized Somyi’s job change.

“Sigh, she shouldn’t have embarrassed someone who liked her … I feel so bad for the fan ㅜㅜ.”
“The fan did nothing wrong … I would feel the same way if I was her.”
“Honestly, I would feel the same way … it was probably worse if she liked her a lot … I feel so bad…”
“I feel like the least she [Somyi] could’ve done is not cause embarrassment to those who liked her.”
“ㅜㅜ The fan’s heart is broken ㅜㅜ.”
“That’s the kind of job that embarrasses the people that once supported you.”

“She can literally be anything and she’s selling her dignity and body online. Just because she’s being paid, doesn’t mean that her work is respectable.”

Alright, but honestly man, watching K-pop stans only concern troll for Somyi’s future now is just about the funniest thing I’ve seen so far this year. As if getting sequestered while being trained for years, being subjected to physical and emotional abuse under a contract you can’t escape, and doing a persona and stuff that you may not like while not getting paid shit is any more morally righteous than teasing lonely men online and making a shit ton of money.

Look, I’m not delusional about this. I acknowledge the social stigma that comes with the job, that the industry behind this is shady as hell, and that she’s probably not doing it out of her love for dancing or whatever, but camming also wasn’t the industry that gave Somyi mental health problems to begin with. For these people to worry about the risks of selling her body now of all times comes off as absurd Puritan bullshit, as she’s already been doing that for the past decade for the benefit of a company and currently she’s doing it to make money for herself instead, aiming to get something out of those years of being a public figure.

Just leave her alone and hope it works out for her as well as it did some others.


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