T.O.P crops Seungri out of a Big Bang picture captioned “#ilovemyband #ilovemyfans”

T.O.P recently posted a picture of the four current Big Bang members, which wouldn’t be noteworthy except he seemed to personally crop and align the picture to exclude the jailed Seungri.

Well, that’s as much of a disavowment as we’ve received from Big Bang, who weren’t exactly F.T. Island’s Hongki when it came to this mess.

Of course, this is really the only sane reaction to Seungri’s actions and current situation, but I guess he wanted to make his position clear given the amount of Seungri fans (and Big Bang fans) who think the group members are holding onto hope for him or something.

The “Where is Seungri?” questions on his Instagram and stuff are particularly funny cause the answer is obviously “In jail.”


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