VICTON’s ‘Chronograph’ comeback implements a genius plan to combat bulk buying waste that should be industry standard

VICTON recently made a comeback with ‘Chronograph‘ and for it they made a rather progressive change that hopefully will push the industry in the same direction. Most importantly, it works towards an Asian Junkie idea, which means it’s automatically correct and amazing.

So basically, an issue that’s frequently brought up nowadays is the sale of physical albums, especially in an increasingly environmentally-conscious society. However, it’s not really the albums themselves, but the bulk buying required to get photocards and entrance to fansigns and things of that nature. Since the people who buy for that purpose don’t actually want the physical product, it leads to a ton of waste when they are just discarded.

Instead of continuing with the status quo, VICTON have worked to reduce the waste. Fans will have the option of buying the album physically or digitally, and if one goes the digital route then they’ll have the photocard(s) mailed to them with a download link for the album. Additionally, the price is cheaper but the album will count towards the sales data.

From what I can tell, it’s all of the upsides of bulk buying with none of the downsides. They allow physical purchase for collectors (like me), but for those who want to bulk buy for whatever reason, they can do so without waste.

I didn’t think it would happen because I thought people would see it as money hungry or that it may have been illegal or that it wouldn’t count for album sales so it would’ve required Gaon/Hanteo changes, but apparently VICTON had this all figured out. Really hope this becomes a thing.

Good job to VICTON and, most importantly, me.


Thot Leader™