Seulong (2AM) & Monday (Weeekly) successfully reimagine Ivy’s “Sonata Of Temptation” for ‘Double Trouble’

WATCHA‘s ‘Double Trouble‘ is a surprising source of collabs I never thought I’d see, perhaps peaking recently with Hyolyn and Junsu’s cover of Park Ji Yoon’s “Adult Ceremony”. But another one that stood out was Seulong (2AM) and Monday (Weeekly) teaming up to cover Ivy‘s “Sonata Of Temptation“, both due to the generation gap and because of their reimagining of the song.

A sultry, seductive turn for the track, I actually thought this ended up better the original, which was a hit but wasn’t really a track I was fond of even at the time (especially since Ivy had better). While Seulong has long been established, I was impressed by Monday, who seems like she could be a credible soloist with a sound that’s popular in Korea.

In general though, the show works to accomplish what I wish was more commonplace during the year-end festivals in terms of special stage collabs, so I’m all for it.


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