woo!ah! do a ‘She’s All That’ makeover for Nana that plays more like the parody

woo!ah! recently posted a video of member Nana‘s transformation from a loner “nerd” into a stylish “high-teen”, and it appropriately sorta feels intended to be like something out of She’s All That.

Anyway, the only point of this post is to serve as a place where I can talk about how amusing the so-called makeover was and the look that supposedly necessitated it.

Behold, the horror!

Oh man, thank god she got the professional help…

…of, uh, combing her hair and taking off her glasses.

Honestly, I went to check to make sure this wasn’t actually intended as a parody like the Not Another Teen Movie scene, but apparently it’s supposed to be earnest.

Well, excellent choice of music with “Scaredy Cat” transitioning into “Catch The Stars”.


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