Heo Sung Tae (‘Squid Game’) becomes Heovely for YouTuber parody on ‘SNL Korea’, then his sexy dance goes viral

Because sometimes we get things we deserve in life, actor Heo Sung Tae of ‘Squid Game‘ fame recently guested on ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘, during which he did a parody of YouTuber/streamer content by transforming into ‘Heovely’.

From collabs to sexy dancing to mukbang to tryhard lipsyncs to skits to lookbooks with fake merch to corny mobile game ads to teary apologies, he got it all covered.

The video (deservingly) went a bit viral, garnering 1.6 million views on YouTube in a short matter of time mostly due to his sexy dancing, so Coupang Play went ahead and released a one-hour long version of that part.

It’s truly disgusting how so many people are now objectifying my King! Protect him!

Seriously though, Heo Sung Tae has been a sleeper star out of ‘Squid Game’ between stuff like this and his Instagram in general.


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