Rundown: ATEEZ, Kwon Eun Bi, JAMIE, Mark, Song Soowoo

Not much to go over nowadays since releases have slowed considerably for Lunar New Year … maybe that’s a good thing. Hoping for better to come in 2022.


ATEEZ – “Don’t Stop”

At literally the first vocalization on the track I figured I was gonna hate this. Not wrong.


JAMIE – “Pity Party”

It’s somewhat generic in nature with an unengaging chorus, though it’s solid for me because I do enjoy the sound.


Kwon Eun Bi – “Mirror”

Don’t think having her sing songs like this that rely on vocal depth/color for appeal is a great idea, man.


Mark (NCT) – “Child”

Actually enjoyed the bluesy start and introspective nature, but the percussion and tempo shifts make it hard to settle in with and it’s not nearly dynamic or melodic enough to appeal in those directions either. Still, I feel like it bodes well for future solo work as there’s potential here within the rough edges.


Song Soowoo – “Love Me Or Hate Me”

Something with this sort of grating chorus vocal needed to be more aggressive to make it work. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this debut from the winner of something called CAP-TEEN, and I look forward to more in this vein.


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