Daisy opens Instagram, does Q&A taking questions about remaining links to MOMOLAND, MLD lawsuit, and whereabouts

I have loved Daisy ever since it was revealed that she was extremely online, which can be a blessing and a curse for idols, but has been fun so far in her case. Unfortunately most of that came to an abrupt halt after she was essentially booted out of MOMOLAND, and late last year she won a lawsuit against MLD Entertainment for unpaid wages.

Thankfully, even though it’s taken so fucking long, Daisy is back on social media, having recently started up her own Instagram account (even if she wasn’t sure it was allowed).

Well, it didn’t take all that long for her to get started with a Q&A, and it was surprisingly candid.

She answered a bunch of questions in that regard, including being out of MLD since last year and that the company are currently appealing.

She even addressed why she never got an official announcement of departure.

Then she basically says to not trust snake companies.

Thankfully, she seems relatively fine and she updated on her activities for the past year(s).

It wasn’t all serious, as she talked about the stuff she’s watching and listening to, tips on choreo, knowing the danger of Twitter (based), and not knowing astrology shit (also based).

She also knows the most important tip of all.

Hopefully she stays in the public sphere in some capacity as I find her fun, but it would be understandable if she wants to wash her hands of it.


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