2022 GROOVL1N US Tour will bring Ravi and labelmates to LA, Dallas, ATL, Chicago, NY

2022 concert season is upon us!

We’ve just been informed that not only is Ravi going to tour the US, but he’s bringing artists from his GROOVL1N label along for the ride.

Starting in Los Angeles, GROOVL1N will be hitting the road in March. As I’m sure every Starlight will be excited to know, Ravi will be spearheading the tour. He’s also bringing the uniquely creative group of artists he’s personally chosen to sign to his first solo label. Both Cold Bay and Xydo will be performing live in the US for the first time, and I am so excited to see what they’ll do on stage.

But nothing has my interest peaked as much as knowing Nafla will be there as well! Asian Junkie has covered Nafla before at his first US performances at SXSW, and let me tell you, his stage presence is hard to beat, so I’m thrilled to know we’re going to get to see him live again.

And yes, Asian Junkie will be there to cover the event.

You can get your tickets here, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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