Saerom (Fromis 9) under fire for being like the rest of us, tired of working and wants to go home

Fromis 9 leader Saerom is in hot water with netizens after a V Live broadcast yesterday where the members weren’t aware they were live and she was captured being none too thrilled about working.

Members Jiheon, Nakyung, Hayoung, Jisun, and Saerom were on the broadcast and before the members realized what was happening Jisun was seen laughing about something unknown, then Saerom could be heard commenting, “I’m so sick of this. I wanna hurry up and go home. Right now.

As the group’s leader, I understand why this isn’t the best look, but wanting to go home cause you’re tired of work bullshit is always understandable. Given the hours companies expect idols to put in and how they’re generally treated, hopefully the backlash to this little moment of honesty isn’t too severe.

Aside from this specific incident, fans should quite frankly accept that idols think things like this. Stop deluding yourself into believing idols aren’t sick and tired of shit sometimes and are always happy 24/7. It’s healthier for everybody knowing they all have thoughts like this at some point and the only difference is you got to hear it for once.


Saerom recently posted an explanation of things.

Between the end of self-quarantine and the start of the V Live was the first chance I’d had in a long time to meet the other members and catch up on conversation with them. I told the members that at first I enjoyed being alone in quarantine after being with the members constantly for so long, but then I later got tired to death of not being able to go outside. In addition, the self-quarantine period was only seven days, but I wasn’t able to return to the dorm until Seoyeon, who lives in the same dorm, tested negative, so I was worried about her and said that I wanted to go home quickly to see her. I think that these words were overheard without context and so they were misunderstood.”

Given the use of present-tense, this seems quite unlikely as a valid excuse, and thus I will continue to believe in Saerom as relatable.


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