[Review] DAHADA get it “RIGHT” with promising debut

DAHADA (YouTube, Instagram) are new to the scene, making their debut some weeks ago with “RIGHT“, and it’s a hell of a start for the co-ed five-person band consisting of a trio of men and a couple of women. As the mainstream pop scene in Korea has gotten off to a sluggish start in 2022, some newbies and unknowns are taking advantage of the lull, DAHADA amongst them.

Built on a foundation of drum hits and a bass guitar with a bit of funk to it, the set tempo is brisk and appropriate for the given mood. Things really light up when the lead guitar kicks in with a light riff and the vocal dynamism begins to show itself, creating a melodic moment to look forward to out of the pre-chorus build. The keyboard enters for the chorus, which isn’t hooky but is a fleshed out foot-tapper and cements the uplifting mood, capped off with a nicely-timed guitar solo.

As for the music video, low budget doesn’t even really begin to describe it, but funnily enough the amateurish, DIY stylings are fitting for a song that uses a train and its stops as a metaphor for indecision about direction in life. The authentic vibe that one gets from it — that this really is just a group of friends who are playing around — makes it come across better than its more expensive, polished pop counterparts and complements the carefree mood.

This is just their start, but DAHADA already show a lot of promise thanks to the upbeat composition of “RIGHT”, along with the power and depth of their vocalist that could make anything standout. Hopefully they continue down this path, as the indie scene could quite frankly use more bands whose output have life to them and who know how to craft an appealing melody.


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Thot Leader™