Bomi & Namjoo of A Pink react to “Dilemma” sounding like Cantonese slang for “fuck your mother”

As it turns out the repetition of “dilemma” in the chorus of A Pink‘s latest single “Dilemma” has a great and amazing purpose, which is sounding like Cantonese slang for “fuck your mother”. Thus, this single is now forever as The Motherfucking Song.

It is reportedly going a bit viral right now, not only the song, but the reactions of the members being informed of what’s happening, like this from a fan telling Bomi and then Namjoo.

Their fucking faces, it’s amazing. This, my friends … this is #Content.

It is basically the Cantonese version of “cao ni ma” in Mandarin, except done on accident this time unlike when Sulli did it.

What a fucking legend. An icon.


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