Rundown: Suzy, STAYC, BTOB, WONHO, some Korean hip-hop + others

Some solid stuff this week, though still nothing I really wanted to review. With the Olympics over I’m chomping at the bit … and yet.


Suzy – “Satellite”

Felt almost like spoken word over modern dance than a pop song, which is cool in itself, but not for me musically. Enjoyed the music video and think her high concept stuff has always been interesting.



Production could’ve been more dynamic, but it’s a great trance core. Though the viability of his singles depends on production and this wasn’t his best.



There are a ton of nugu gems out there, but the cold reality is most nugu productions are lacking and almost amateurish, like this.


JWiiver – “Jtrap”

I am begging, from the bottom of my heart, to find a new boy group concept.


Vapo (Feat. M1NU) – “Sirius”

Sometimes when I say I think this kind of stuff sucks on Twitter I get called racist or something, as if I hate rap or whatever, so I won’t say it.

It fucking sucks.


OWLER (Feat. Austn) – “Falling”

Like for real, y’all like this?


MC SNIPER – “Love Burnout”

They got MC Sniper on something like that shit now, too. Bleak.

Compare it to stuff like this or this (whoever privated the subbed version, I hate you).


BTOB – “The Song”

Put as much effort into the title as the song.



The verses are so good and showcase why STAYC has so much potential whenever they make releases. I really liked the direction the song was going and I was praying during the build to let the chorus be catchy/melodic in some way … then whatever that fucking sound loop hit and was basically the centerpiece of the song ahead of something that could’ve featured the girls. Kill me.


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