B-Side Spotlight: January 2022 (YENA, Yuju, Mirae, Kep1er, Fromis 9, BamBam, ENHYPEN, DRIPPIN, Pentagon)

Long time no see! It is I, your local playlist gremlin, back and ready to dive right into some b-sides I really liked during the month of January. Let’s go!


YENA – “Lxxk 2 U”

I love, love the heavier aspects of this track in contrast to YENA’s sweet vocals. All around fun.


Mirae – “Future Land”

Oh, this is funky. K-pop needs more funk, so thanks Mirae!


Yuju – “The Killa”

Yuju, smooth gorgeous sultry vocal queen of my heart, please give us all more of this forever and ever. Please.


Kep1er – “MVSK”

Honestly, all of Kep1er’s mini scratched my brain in excellent ways, but this track particularly gave me a good good boost of serotonin.


BamBam (GOT7) – “Subliminal” 

I will admit that I didn’t go into BamBam’s solo stuff with my heart and mind open, but that absolutely serves me right because I ended up loving … basically all of it. I do think the vocal effects on this track particularly could do with being toned down a little bit though.


ENHYPEN – “Polaroid Love”

This track is so cute, like an actual sweet little treat of a track. I will forgive ENHYPEN for having made me think their name is ‘ENHYPHEN’ for months purely thanks to this track.


DRIPPIN – “Switch”

This track is, hands down, my favourite track both off this mini and this playlist. I had it on repeat after the first time I listened, and I have a feeling by the end of the year it’s going to be in my top five most played tracks of 2022. It SLAPS.


Fromis 9 – “Escape Room”

This song is ridiculously sultry and sexy, I want it injected right into my brain.


Pentagon – “One Shot”

A very solid offering overall from Pentagon, definitely passes the ‘Can I Bop To It?’ test.


And that’s it!

As always, let me know about any b-sides you loved during the month of January, and happy listening!

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