Songs You May Have Missed: January 2022 (Fromm, Kursor, Wilcox, Nahee, Lee Jin Ah, Kisum)

New year, new me. With my accidental hiatus well and truly over, we’re overdue for some songs you may have missed, right? Let’s go!

Editor’s Note: The delay on this one is my fault for once.


Fromm – “Love Bubble”

I know this is an OST, and I know OSTs often do well, but I truly think this track deserves to be a hit on its own. It’s … perfect, for me.


Kursor – “Perfect”

A lovely, soft melody with accompanying lovely, soft vocals. Just gorgeous.


Wilcox – “Who Are You?”

I can’t be the only one who thinks Wilcox should collab with Giriboy, right? I just think they’d be perfect on a track together.


Nahee – “I’m So Confused”

This is a very sweet song which would have been better served being released during the spring, but the flip side is that we all get to enjoy it sooner, so. Carry on, Nahee.


Lee Jin Ah – “Rum Pum Pum”

I absolutely adore the orchestration on this track, and the weird places it goes with the melody. This track is something special, and I’m going to yell about it for a while to come.


Kisum – “Bare Trees”

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention for a bit, but did Kisum kind of … go quiet? Did I miss something? Either way, I’ve missed her. She’s always so consistent, and she deserves to come back in a big way this year.


And that’s it!

As always, let me know about any songs you think should have had more love during the month of January, and happy listening.

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