Rundown: Jay Park & IU, Sunmi, Weeekly, Kwon Eunbi, Park Bom, Woong & Daehwi (AB6IX), TAN + more

A lot of the solid to good stuff in this came from rather unexpected sources, honestly. And one expected source.


Riiver – “MOVE”

Much better on the first listen than the fifth, but a good funky song that’s an easy listen.


Wooseok (UP10TION) – “Switch”

It just feels rather lifeless. Some have the charisma to carry solo stuff, and some … do not.


Weeekly – “Ven Para”

Spunky high-teen concepts are sorta back in fashion now, so it’s an interesting time for them to switch to a generic girl crush identity. Musically, it’s not bad or anything, but it does kinda just fade into the ocean of similar releases.


Woong & Daehwi (AB6IX) – “I’m Crazy”

For better or worse, I think I enjoyed this more than all of AB6IX‘s singles.


Sunmi – “Oh Sorry Ya”

The amount of care in this definitely felt like it was a Spotify exclusive from a Korea-based artist. Not terrible, just completely uninspired.



Quite promising actually, wish it had a great chorus (or one at all).


Kwon Eunbi – “Esper”

The only espers I know come from Final Fantasy 6.


Park Bom (Feat. MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok) – “Flower”

Definitely better than the average ballad fare due to how dramatic it is.


Jay Park (Feat. IU) – “GANADARA”

Cute song enhanced by the two leads and the bettered by the cuter music video. An easy listen, though rather non-descript for stretches.


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