Miyawaki Sakura & Kim Chaewon sign with Source Music/HYBE Labels, probably set for upcoming girl group

Going back to March of last year, there were reports that former HKT48 and IZ*ONE member Miyawaki Sakura would be heading to HYBE Labels (then Big Hit Entertainment), and that only gained momentum after she graduated from her group in Japan.

It was all but made official even back then, and now HYBE’s subsidiary Source Music has made it official, announcing that she and (former IZ*ONE group mate) Kim Chaewon have signed exclusive contracts with the company.

“Hello, this is Source Music. We would like to inform you that Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon have signed exclusive contracts with Source Music, a subsidiary under HYBE. The two artists have signed exclusive contracts based on a feeling of mutual trust with the company, and HYBE and Source Music will cooporate to launch our first girl group with them. Please look forward to it and support the two artists who will show a new image at Source Music, who values good music and content. Thank you.”

The prophecy has come true.

While it doesn’t expand on the plans for them, it’s widely assumed that they will be a part of Source’s upcoming girl group, which basically has to happen after they and HYBE unceremoniously dumped GFRIEND.

Of course, any raw feelings from that can be erased by getting two headliners to basically guarantee your group will be a success (hence the Kevin Durant meme). It’s also rumored that my Produce 48 fave Heo Yunjin will be in the group, which would basically make it a requirement for me to be onboard.


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