Pocket Girls’ iconic & prescient 2017 song “Oppa Is Trash” goes viral like it deserves

Pocket Girls debuted back in 2015 with their trademark sexy image, but it has taken until 2022 for them to truly get attention, and it’s thanks to 2017 song “Oppa Is Trash” going viral thanks to a tweet about the song playing at a gym.


A tweet that reads “Our gym has a lot of odd songs … today [“Oppa Is Trash”] came on and it surprised the men on the equipment.” now has around 30k retweets, and a quote tweet of that from Thailand has around 15k retweets.

This attention has helped power the music video for the song up to 700,000 views in a short matter of time, giving it exponential growth, helped along by some of the track’s relatable/funny lyrics like the wordplay in Korean going from calling oppa is a “baby” to then making it “trash”.

I’m glad everybody is catching on.

After all, no matter how big K-pop gets, your faves are unlikely to be as iconic as this.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), they haven’t released music in years that I can see, but they do seem to still be active (and flexible) on YouTube.

I’m glad they have moved on from showing their boobs in every shot and now are advocates for responsible consumer rights by showcasing closeups of all these outfits in lookbooks.

Either way, I hope they get paid off this somehow.


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