Rundown: Red Velvet, Stray Kids, HIGHLIGHT, Lil Cherry, SUMMER CAKE, Yooryeong & DJ Tiz

A lot of stuff in the recent days that at least I actually enjoyed to varying degrees.


Stray Kids – “MANIAC”

It’s refreshing in the sense that I actually enjoyed chorus due to the synth and bass delivery for once, but surrounding stuff wasn’t as strong. I actually wish it was as “noeasy” as they’re famed for rather than kinda scattershot in that sense.


Yooryeong & DJ Tiz – “You Have To Be Happy”

Really enjoy most of the DJ Tiz collab tracks, as he’s utilizing the old school sound to great effect. A simple song here about basically what the chorus says in terms of having confidence in one’s self to face the world and achieving dreams.


SUMMER CAKE – “Not In Public”

Gets off to an extremely good start with the instrumental foundation, and the chorus is quite nice initially as well, though it kinda wears on you over time and the replayability is questionable. Still, better than a ton of big-name K-pop tracks this year.


Lil Cherry (Feat. Rico Nasty) – “CATWALK”

I actually like the beat on this, though it’s probably telling that my least favorite parts includes all of the rapping.


Red Velvet – “Feel My Rhythm”

A lot of promo for utilizing Bach‘s “Air On A G String“, but really is a big mix of genres, making for a very busy sound despite not being overly upbeat like a lot of productions in that mode tend to be.

I’ve admitted to missing (changing my mind) on Red Velvet‘s singles more than most, but on most of those they had a chorus that grew on me, and the downfall of this is that the chorus is just not … very good.



One of those generally good songs that if the hook/chorus works especially well for you then it’ll take it to the next level. Doesn’t embed itself for me, but it’s eminently listenable, as I like to say.


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