Rundown: Stray Kids, ITZY, NCT U, CRAVITY, Seori, VERIVERY, T1419

Some bright spots — or at least sections of songs — but for the most part a pretty shitty week so far, honestly.



I feel bad at this point not liking their stuff, but this sounds like a disbandment song or something. Seriously, within the first minute I went to go look up if something happened.


CRAVITY – “Adrenaline”

Fun for the most part. Actually like the chorus, but the verses and the rapping kinda take me out sometimes.


Seori – “Can’t Stop This Party”

Any time Seori is given semi-decent instrumental, I’ll like it cause I absolutely love her voice. This is a terrible one.


Stray Kids – “Venom”

Some interesting instrumental stuff, but everything else about it is just drab. So many of the choruses just drone on and on and producers think it’s badass or something, I guess.


ITZY – “Voltage”

This isn’t bad, but the rap-focused idol songs usually means the verses are grating (cause … idols), and the chorus surprisingly kinda lacks energy.


NCT U – “CoNEXTion”

Right, sorta the same thing here. The more rap-focused idol songs are, the worse they are, as a general rule of thumb. Connect 2022 to great choruses, please.



Think this would be more appealing if you’re really into the slow-jam vibe and you don’t hear similar songs done better on Korean R&B channels weekly.


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