SME remastering the “Missing You” MV is the ideal time to get off a Fly To The Sky hot take

Ah, Fly To The Sky. Truthfully, I discovered them primarily due to their relation with labelmate BoA. About a year after that the duo peaked in popularity with their ‘Sea Of Love‘ album, which also put them on my radar, and “Missing You” is the titular single off their follow-up album. It was arguably their biggest hit and represented probably the most critically-appreciated time in their careers.

So what’s the hot take? Well, there was always a massive gap in respect from others for the talent of Brian Joo and Hwanhee, and that was part of the reason things got to the point where it was heated between them. But for me I always preferred Brian’s vocals — making it especially frustrating that they tried to make him rap — as while he lacked the comparable range it always seemed to me that Hwanhee was trying so hard in his delivery and you could hear that effort permeate through songs. Figure I handled getting dragged for this take on forums as a teen, so certainly I can take it now.

Anyway, while I never liked ballads, I did appreciate a bunch of Fly To The Sky songs as they had a way of crafting timeless melodies. Plus, who can forget the ‘Top Gun‘ volleyball scene of K-pop that was the “Sea Of Love” music video? I demand a remaster!


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