Weeekly do “Tell Me” for Relay Dance Again, which instills nostalgia for Wonder Girls’ amazing initial run

While I’m almost two weeks late on this, I wasn’t going to miss my chance to post about one of the few right things Mnet has done in their Relay Dance Again feature, and certainly not for Weeekly covering the iconic “Tell Me” by Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls were a hit from their debut with “Irony” blowing up immediately, but going from that straight into a run of “Tell Me“, “So Hot” and “Nobody” is arguably the best beginning to a career in K-pop history*. What happened after that? Well … you know, that stuff in that country.

*Hey, it’s cool to listen to a bunch of songs from a marquee girl group that’s just fucking undeniable hit after hit, huh? Weird. Yeah, yeah, old hag and all that.

Anyway, never a bad time to revisit a classic.


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