Hyori shares words of comfort & encouragement to fan undergoing gender affirmation surgery

Hyori was recently featured in a video for W Korea, where she was supposed to give advice and consultation to fans. However, she clarifies that she doesn’t feel worthy of giving answers since she doesn’t have them for herself yet, so she instead tries to comfort the fans.

One letter in particular has drawn attention, as a fan wrote to Hyori and expressed that she will soon go through gender affirmation surgery following spending a decade convincing her family. She even thought about just living out her life as a man, but says she could not in the end. Hyori had words of comfort and encouragement for the fan.

Lee Hyori went on to warmly encourage the fan and say, “I hope that you can return healthy. Now, you can be my younger sister and I can buy you cosmetics and we can be closer that way.” She added, “Since you made the decision, be comfortable in your heart since being comfortable at heart will help with the healing.” Finally, Lee Hyori gave her final word of advice, saying, “You are beautiful no matter what you are. You’re beautiful as a man or a woman. Just remember that.”

No point or anything here, just thought it was nice to highlight this, especially during a time that’s been so rough in terms of anti-trans legislation (in America, at least) and what not.


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