Min (ex-miss A), Kevin Woo (ex-U-KISS), Bohyung (KEEMBO) also part of cast for ‘KPOP’ Broadway musical that stars f(x)’s Luna

In November of last year it was reported the f(x)’s Luna would be set for her Broadway debut for ‘KPOP‘, and last week that news was officially confirmed by producers of the musical as well as Luna herself.

Figuring that was it until the show started, I didn’t bother to update, but now the rest of the cast has been revealed and it turns out there’s a lot more K-pop ties. Min (former miss A), Kevin Woo (former U-KISS), and Bohyung (KEEMBO, former SPICA) are also making their Broadway debuts as part of the cast.

On April 4, the show announced three other K-pop stars as a part of the cast, who will all be making their broadway debuts. They include Min, formerly of Miss A, Kevin Woo, formerly of U-KISS, and Kim Bohyung, formerly of SPICA and KEEMBO.

A plot summary was also a part of the press release.

“KPOP” is the first Broadway musical about Korean culture and follows the story of various stars who put everything on the line for a one-night-only concert, when one singer’s inner struggle threatens to dismantle one of the industry’s biggest labels.

Previews will start on October 13 and opening will be on November 20.

Preview performances of “KPOP” are set to begin on October 13 at the Circle in the Square Theater in New York, and the musical’s opening night will take place on November 20.

Honestly kinda curious as to how the music and what not is for this, though unfortunately I live a long way from New York.

Somebody go check it out and report back to me.


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